FOX Picks Up Season 2 of Trump White House Reality Show from Failing NY Times

NEW YORK, NY — In a landmark move, FOX has picked up season 2 of the Trump White House Reality Show after numerous complaints from family members and White House aides surfaced that tv production didn’t mirror on-set actions.

“They’ve twisted everything around to fit their fake news agenda,” says Sarah Huckabee Sanders, spokesperson for the Trump Family.

Reports that segment producer Maggie Haberman has it in for Trump have been running rampant within the White House, but Trump can’t seem to let Haberman go.

“The President has huge respect for Maggie,” says Sanders. “They’ve developed a rapport in the Oval Office despite her negative comments.”

Scenes from the season included the firing of James Comey and other members of the administration–as well as fan-favorite Sean Spicer, short-lived Anthony Scaramucci, and the most polarizing figure of the show, Steve Bannon. Bannon promised a thrilling spin-off on his exit, but news of a production timeline hasn’t surfaced.

Bannon’s publicist declined to comment on when we might see the spin-off, but did manage to let slip that certain members of the Trump family would be “going down.”

FOX & Friends princess Ainsley Earhardt will serve as executive producer for season 2.