Dothraki-Themed Dating App Overtakes Tinder In Popularity

New York, NY — A Dothraki-themed dating app created by two New York-based entrepreneurs, Saanvi Patel and Elizabeth Gravely, has overtaken Tinder as the most popular mobile dating interface amongst the coveted millennial market.

The Dothraki dating app was inspired by the nomadic, horse-riding warriors from the highly-lauded HBO series Game of Thrones. Invoking a deep nostalgia for an era of unambiguous gender norms, the Dothraki app promises its mostly heterosexual female user-base “real, unfiltered men.”

Additionally, to the co-founders’ happy surprise, the dating app has also gained a large user-base amongst a subset of the male LGBT community knows as “bears and cubs,” where the user, often a “cub,” will be seeking a “Dothraki bear.”

Initially, Patel, Gravely, and their angel investors had concerns that the app would struggle to scale if interest did not go beyond the Game of Thrones fan base; however, such concerns quickly subsided when over 1 million users downloaded the Dothraki dating app in its first week.

During a live Facebook chat, Patel had this to say on the app’s meteoric rise: “In retrospect, it’s not surprising that the app has been such a big hit. In this uncertain sociopolitical climate, a lot us are yearning for simpler times, for our own Khal Drogo to take care of things. We want to unleash our primal instincts and tune out of the noise. Less talking, you know, more of… the other stuff.”

The Dothraki app is $14.99/month and available on iOS and Android.


First Impressions: Game of Thrones, Season 7 Ep. 4

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]What an absolutely heart-pounding episode of Game of Thrones! Definitely one for the fans. Here’s my weekly storyline breakdown.

Daenerys Storyline

Although it seems a bit too convenient, it looks as though Jon Snow has broken through to Daenerys. Thanks to the Children of the Forest, his point about the White Walkers has (quite literally) been drawn out for the Mother of Dragons, and it seems like the two may be headed in the right direction as far as creating a strategic — and possibly romantic — relationship, even if Jon Snow claims he has no time for such things.

The Daenerys/Jon storyline became overshadowed by an EPIC fight scene between the Lannister Army and Drogon & Daenerys with the Dothraki. While I loved seeing a vengeful Drogon destroy the giant crossbow prototype, until the mastermind Qyburn is shot down, new dragon-slaying crossbows can just keep on being built. However, finally, we have an episode of Game of Thrones without a Cersei win on the board. This episode finale keeps me greatly looking forward to the look on Cersei’s face when she hears news of the huge loss and (presumably?) the destruction of all the gold from High Garden. Was it in fact specifically shown that Drogon toasted all the gold? Or was it just implied? Or neither??

Also, if you guys want to do a little interaction, do you think Jamie is dead? It seems obvious that he wouldn’t die so suddenly and in such pathetic fashion, but stranger things have happened on Game of Thrones. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Arya Storyline

Another Stark daughter home in Winterfell. A very interesting interaction between Brienne and Arya leaves us wondering what Sansa’s reaction reveals. It was hard to discern jealousy, surprise, or disapproval of her sister’s mastery with a blade, but it begs the question why? I am definitely curious to see how this plays out. Not to mention, Littlefinger’s scheming face is the period at the end of every sentence involving the Starks. He is planning something huge, and I want to know what it is!

Cersei Storyline

Not too much progress in the Cersei storyline, and while it seemed that the debts to the Iron Bank were surely repaid, it now seems unlikely that the bounty will make it any further into King’s Landing. What could have been a very interesting relationship between the Lannisters and the Iron Bank may have been all for naught. However, the fact that the scene between Tycho and Cersei was included in the episode at all makes me think that their relationship is far from over, debts repaid or not.

Jon Snow Storyline

As mentioned previously, Jon’s storyline continues with positive news. He has gained more of Daenerys’ trust with his discovery in the caves, and even counseled Daenerys on what her next move should be. So was Daenerys then completely disregarding Jon’s advice by attacking Jamie’s army? Was this done to prove a point to Jon? I am interested to see whether he played a part in her decision to attack.

Also, as another interactive vote, who was it who attempted to save Jamie? Was it the obvious choice of Bronn? Or possibly Randyll Tarly or his son Dickon? Thoughts?

Bran Stark Storyline

Bran aka Three-Eyed Raven continues to put forth that super-creepy slash wise beyond his years demeanour. While he seemed to set off weird vibes with Sansa, he definitely intrigued Arrya with his knowledge. At this point, he seems to be creating a rift in the family, but knowing what Bran knows, I am sure he has his reasons. Ultimately, he really does hold all the cards.

Honorable Mentions:

Bronn laughing heartily at the unfortunate name of Randyll Tarly’s son, Dickon. Rickon? No, Dickon. LOL.

Arya turning heads with her impressive sword skills.

Drogon thankfully not taking that giant spear to the skull. My heart was pounding from the moment Bronn hopped on that Dragon killer.

Missandei and Daenerys’ total girl moment over Greyworm.

A rare glimpse of humility from Tyrion, who was clearly uncomfortable watching the Dothraki tear through the Lannister troops. A rather sad moment, honestly.

Any glimpse of the legendary Podrick! One of those subtly awesome characters that producers know fans love for some reason and always make sure to keep him around!


Well those are my thoughts for this week on Game of Thrones! An amazing episode, and surely one to become a fan favorite from this season. A heart pounder that leaves us impatiently waiting for week 5!

First Impressions: Game of Thrones Season 7, Ep. 3

It just keeps getting better and better. Here are some thoughts on this week’s episode.

Daenerys Storyline

So as a recap from last episode, Jon Snow decides to accept Daenerys’ invitation to Dragonstone. While the visit begins with the fluffing of feathers and on shaky ground, we quickly see progress made. The two most rational characters on the show were bound to make something good of the experience, and I can only imagine further progress will be made between the two as they work towards a hugely important relationship.

Unfortunately, the storyline for Daenerys worsens, as while it initially seemed like she was in the driver’s seat with her planned attacks on different parts of Westeros, Cersei (or should I say Jaime) played her bluff. It will be interesting to see how much longer Greyworm will last in his difficult position, with the very heritable Euron sure to make his acquaintance next week. It seems to me that it is no secret that Cersei’s  downfall will inevitably be the betrayal of those who she feel has given their loyalty.

Arya Storyline

I guess we’ll skip this section, although I would have guessed that Arya would make it back to Winterfell before Bran. Oh well.

Cersei Storyline

Cersei was back in full force this episode, reminding us all why she is the most hated character on the show. Euron brings back the ultimate gift, vengeance for the loss of her daughter. While I imagine some moms watching are saying “You go girl!”, let’s be honest… she’s a monster. But unfortunately she’s a smart monster, and I would have to give the win this episode to her. Stranding the Unsullied on Casterly Rock, Jaime’s army overtaking Highgarden, imprisoning Ellaria Sand and inevitably killing her daughter, and apparently paying back her debts to the Iron Bank.

This brief meeting with Tycho Nestoris from Bravos initially proved intriguing and ambiguous. But after seeing Highgarden taken, we can only imagine that the rich Tyrell vaults will provide more than enough gold to pay back the deep Lannister debts. Yet another score for Cersei.

Jon Snow Storyline

Jon Snow didn’t see much of the screen this week, and while he’s already been touched upon in the Daenerys section, his news this episode was mostly good, as he has been granted access to the Dragon glass below Dragonstone. Does anybody else just want to hold up a picture of the White Walkers and say “Look, they’re real! Now let’s figure out something and destroy Cersei and the Night King!” No? I guess one episode a week is just never enough.

Bran Stark Storyline

Bran returned this week to a slightly awkward reunion with Sansa. With the complete 360 transformation of personality into the 3-eyed Raven, Bran is now all wisdom and slight creepiness. It will be interesting to see his role in Winterfell in the coming episodes under Sansa’s rule.

Honorable Mentions:

A huge relief for Sam! Great to see Jorah coming back into the picture without death hanging over his head. Unfortunately no promotion, and Sam is back to doing shit work (sometimes literally) for the time being. Definitely look for him to be helping out Jon some more from the Citadel.

Yet another episode that Tyrion had me laughing out loud! Has he always been this witty??

I promise I didn’t forget. Finally we know for sure who murdered Joffrey! It’s funny because now I can totally see Olenna pulling that move. I always liked her, and although her death has been certain for some time now, she really went out with a bang this episode.

Those are my thoughts for this week! Lots of questions to be answered. Where will negotiations with Jon and Daenerys go? Will Ellaria and her daughter somehow escape Cersei’s clutches? How will the Unsullied manage the loss of their fleet to the Ironborn? And a personal question I’m considering, will Jaime stay true to Cersei until the end? I feel as though I’m beginning to sense a wavering in his emotions.

8 Game of Thrones Villains For Donald Trump’s Understaffed Cabinet

It’s no secret that the Trump Administration is seriously understaffed. So for the good of the country, we respectfully propose some of the swampiest candidates for his cabinet that the Seven Kingdoms has to offer. And fear not, they’re only taking jobs that no American actually wants to do. #MAGA

8. Lady Lysa Arryn — Deputy Secretary of Education

Mother knows breast, we mean, uh, best. Lady Arryn has significant experience in government and education. Not only has she ruled the Vale of Arryn on behalf of her young son, Robin, but is also a long-time proponent of home-schooling with incredible results. Lady Arryn’s combination of experience as head of state, and her intuition as a single mother makes her a top choice for this cabinet role.

Potential mentor: Betsy DeVos

7. Melisandre — Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy

Melisandre is not a traditional candidate but she has significant work experience as a High Priestess for the Lord of Light that would bring a much-needed fresh perspective to this role. Former colleague Stannis Baratheon has noted that Melisandre can be “intense,” but we believe that a little bit of passion can go a long way. While Melisandre has not worked directly in the field of nuclear power, her work with the Lord of Light will likely make it a smooth transition from fire to atomic energy.

Potential mentor: Mike Flynn

6. The High Sparrow — Director of Community Relations

First and foremost, the High Sparrow is a grassroots community organizer. His leadership role in the “Sparrows” movement against the ruling class shows that he is a champion of the Joe Plumbers of the world. In addition to sticking to his principles, the High Sparrow is an effective speaker and administrator, having successfully overseen an organization of thousands on a shoestring budget.

Potential mentor: George H. Bush

5. Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish — White House Press Secretary

We all know that Sean Spicer’s days are numbered, so let’s get the best guy teed up and ready. Littlefinger–whose reputation precedes him–will keep that unruly Fake News Media in check with all of the dirt he already has on everyone. He is an effective diplomat and a smooth operator who can talk circles around any reporter, especially the liberal ones.

Potential mentor: Doesn’t need one.

4. Ramsey Bolton — Assistant Secretary of Military Affairs

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Ramsey has a special touch when it comes to military affairs. While his methods are sometimes unconventional, nobody would argue that they are not effective. He has the natural attributes of a leader but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, either. Ramsey is a shoo-in for this role and we wish him best of luck in securing a position with this cabinet.

Potential mentor: Paul Ryan

3. Cersei Lannister — Chief Financial Officer

Well, Cersei might not have any relevant experience for this role, but she is Tywin Lannister’s daughter. If nothing else, she can hold Daddy’s chair while he is in the other room.

Potential mentor: Ivanka Trump

2. Tywin Lannister — Secretary of State

For all of Rex Tillerson’s experience and connections, he is an oil man at heart and has little patience for state affairs. Mr. Tillerson will likely tap childhood friend Tywin Lannister to fill this important cabinet role after the midterm elections.

Potential mentor: Rex Tillerson

1. The Night King (White Walker) — Ambassador to Canada

Who better than someone from the Far North? And with his boyish good looks, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can get along with just about anybody, even this guy.

Potential mentor: Undecided

Storyline Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 7 Ep. 5

Storyline Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 7 Ep. 5

This episode was icy hot. Zombie polar bears, flaming swords, and lots of Snow (pun intended?). But while the battle beyond the wall stole the spotlight this week, the other storyline parts of the episode were also pretty damn enthralling.

Daenerys Storyline

The hero of week 6! The beginning of this episode saw an interesting interaction between Dany and Tyrion, and revealed some pretty clear feelings that she has towards Jon.

Something about the whole situation has me still thinking that Daenerys and Jon will end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms together, even with the information dropped by Gilly in week 5’s episode. Who knows. What we do all know, however, is that GoT loves dropping hammers, so there is still hope!

The scene between Tyrion and Dany over drinks served as a sort of precursor to the inevitable response from Daenerys to save Jon and the others beyond the wall. Not only was the man that she may possibly love in danger, but so is her potential future. What followed is one of the most incredibly dramatic scenes I’ve witnessed in Game of Thrones. The FX were beautiful, the drama was staggering, and all around an amazing battle. If you really want to be impressed, check out the Behind the Scenes of how they made it all happen. Absolutely incredible.

Arya Storyline

Aya put some clear hurt on Sansa this week, and with all the craziness going on all over the Seven Kingdoms, sometimes it’s tough to remember the huge twist that is clearly brewing in Winterfell. After Arya blackmails Sansa, an invitation arrives to come to King’s Landing. The protective Brienne refuses to let Sansa attend, not realizing she never intended to. In order to get Brienne and her protection far away from Arya, Sansa sends her to King’s Landing in her place to represent her. Clearly Sansa has no idea of the capabilities Arya, even after discovering her knapsack of face skins… yuck.

Finally, after 6 episodes, we will finally see Petyr Baelish’s grand master plan in the season finale. Stay tuned.

Cersei Storyline

A no-show this episode, however she will most definitely be abundant in the season finale. With the Motley crew beyond the wall getting what they came for, they will be able to travel to King’s Landing with proof that this war is so much bigger than Westeros.

Jon Snow Storyline

Another Jon Snow-dominated episode, and we’re all always okay with that! Running into zombie polar bears and hordes of undead soldiers seems to be where he thrives. We see a lot of the “spare volunteers” of Jon’s group getting picked off pretty quick, but one of the most interesting parts of this episode was when Jon killed the White Walker… and almost all of his soldiers dropped dead with him. So kill a White Walker, kill all the soldiers it raised from the dead? Seems to make sense, and really makes life easier for the war to come! Hopefully…

Not too much else to recap or discuss further aside from epic fight scenes and flying limbs. Tormund almost witnessed death but had his ass saved by the Hound. And at the point where there was seemingly no hope, Dany comes to the rescue! Torching zombies left and right, with fans all over the world cheering and smiling! Then the Night King picks up his giant icicle… refer to the Honorable (or should I say, Dishonorable) mentions…

Bran Stark Storyline

No Bran in this episode… He pretty much has done all that he can do by informing everyone that the army of the Undead were marching on East Watch. Now he just gets to sit back and watch (or have his ravens watch) the carnage unfold.

Honorable Game of Thrones Mentions:

Dany possibly expressing a love interest in Jon!

Arya mind-f*cking Sansa into next week. And while Sansa and Littlefinger are plotting something, I think Arya will still be one step ahead when it matters.

Beric’s badass flaming sword.

Zombie Polar Bear.

Gendry’s wheels.

And the worst one of all… the Night King’s terrifyingly good arm, and the death of one of Dany’s beloved dragons Viserion… a horrible moment for Game of Thrones fans. Not to mention, while we were are all still mourning the loss of a dragon, I guarantee the majority of us were not even fathoming the possibility of the undead army dragging that monstrosity back up for zombie revival.  A huge WTF moment. The Night King needs to die.

The return of Benjen Stark, to the rescue!

Jon and Dany’s pact for the future.

And that about covers it! So hard to do this episode justice, if you’re reading this before watching it, then that was a very, very stupid thing to do. Get in front of a TV and get ready to be amazed!

First Impressions: Game of Thrones, Season 7, Ep. 2

Man, is it good to have Game of Thrones back. The emotion, the deceit, the fighting, the passion. Episode 2 just proved that this season is just beginning.

Daenerys Storyline

This episode really started out well. Another classic Varys speech accompanied with the always witty lines of Tyrion Lannister. And proof that this ‘game of thrones’ is just beginning. I personally have always been a fan of Varys. He’s a character who although works his magic to suit only himself, he’s so subtly brilliant that he always ends up finding himself at the forefront of the leading party. He said it himself, he started from the bottom now he’s here (Drake, 2013).

With the progression of the Daenerys storyline, the plan for her fleets seemed foolproof. Obviously we saw that Euron Greyjoy hopes that destroying his niece’s fleet with her as the trophy will help him get Cersei to bed. Seeing that succeed is obviously doubtful, as Cersei always has something up her sleeve. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to seeing what Tyrion and Daenerys have as a backup plan without the Greyjoy fleet or any of the Dornish cargo they had with them.

On a positive note for this storyline, I’d love to see Sir Jorah get reunited with his Queen after getting all cleaned up by Sam. Which, by the way, had the best transition of the episode. Sam picks off an extra leaky flap of dragon scale and BOOM, it’s just chowder from the next scene. Epic.

Arya Storyline

Not much happened with Arya this episode. An admittedly emotional scene with a Direwolf that made me cuddle my own husky just a little closer. And not to mention, she’s returning home! I’m predicting that she’ll conveniently arrive in Winterfell while Jon is off dealing with things at Dragonstone, but either way it’s good to see her taking a break from badass assassinations for a bit.

Cersei Storyline

Again, not too much screen time this episode for Cersei and Jaime, but enough to continue to hate her. She’s back to spreading her embellished lies to the lords she needs on her side, and as usual she’s good at it. As much as I try not to, I still have a soft spot for Jaime, whose love for his sister keeps him loyal. However, you can tell that deep down he wants to be an honest guy with honest intentions.

I’m interested in seeing the progression of convincing the Tarlys to fight alongside. That could be a huge plot twist when the battle at King’s Landing begins and the Tyrells get hit with betrayal number two.

Finally, there’s good ‘ole Qyburn, Master of Whisperers to Cersei and disgraced former Maester. Definitely  an easily hated character on the show, Qyburn has seemingly now come up with a giant crossbow that can pierce dragon bone. That will obviously cause problems for Daenerys, and is undoubtedly foreshadowing an epic battle at King’s Landing.

Jon Snow Storyline

Jon Snow has to make the tough decision this episode to go meet Daenerys and Tyrion, and we can only hope that they come to an agreement to fight side by side. Because guess what? Anybody who doesn’t want Jon Snow and Daenerys fighting side by side is also someone who dips their steaks in ketchup.

Sansa seems a little too comfortable in the highest position in Winterfell, and as usual who knows what the hell Littlefinger is planning and when he’ll undoubtedly come out of left field with a mindf*ck of a move.

Bran Stark Storyline

Now Bran didn’t have a second of screen time this episode, but in case you guys hadn’t heard, there’s a very intriguing rumor spreading around that Bran Stark may in fact be the Night King. Or, at the very least, share blood with him. I want to hear your thoughts on this! It seems very farfetched, but stranger things have happened in Game of Thrones, and this being the truth would be huge. Here is a link to an article explaining this fan theory from its roots.

Honorable Mentions:

Grey Worm, you go boy! Great to finally see him and Missandei doing as much of the nasty as they can do, they deserve it. Knowing Game of Thrones logic, now that they’re happy and in love we can only assume their shelf life just got considerably shorter, so stay tuned for that.

“Right before I was ready to drink myself into a small coffin” – Tyrion. A great line worth mentioning.

What role will Melisandre play? Never been a fan of her and her influence in burning people alive and shadow ghost shenanigans, so I’m not super stoked about her arrival at Dragonstone. Early prediction, one of Dany’s dragons roasts her later on this season.

Olenna Tyrell has some dangerous opinions. Wouldn’t mind seeing her trip down some stairs and stop putting thoughts in Daenerys’ head.

So those are some of my scattered thoughts/predictions after Episode 2! The Game of Thrones violence and plotting is back, but there are always other things happening in the shadows. Did I miss anything particularly juicy? Let me know and hear your thoughts!