Storyline Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 7 Ep. 5

Storyline Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 7 Ep. 5

This episode was icy hot. Zombie polar bears, flaming swords, and lots of Snow (pun intended?). But while the battle beyond the wall stole the spotlight this week, the other storyline parts of the episode were also pretty damn enthralling.

Daenerys Storyline

The hero of week 6! The beginning of this episode saw an interesting interaction between Dany and Tyrion, and revealed some pretty clear feelings that she has towards Jon.

Something about the whole situation has me still thinking that Daenerys and Jon will end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms together, even with the information dropped by Gilly in week 5’s episode. Who knows. What we do all know, however, is that GoT loves dropping hammers, so there is still hope!

The scene between Tyrion and Dany over drinks served as a sort of precursor to the inevitable response from Daenerys to save Jon and the others beyond the wall. Not only was the man that she may possibly love in danger, but so is her potential future. What followed is one of the most incredibly dramatic scenes I’ve witnessed in Game of Thrones. The FX were beautiful, the drama was staggering, and all around an amazing battle. If you really want to be impressed, check out the Behind the Scenes of how they made it all happen. Absolutely incredible.

Arya Storyline

Aya put some clear hurt on Sansa this week, and with all the craziness going on all over the Seven Kingdoms, sometimes it’s tough to remember the huge twist that is clearly brewing in Winterfell. After Arya blackmails Sansa, an invitation arrives to come to King’s Landing. The protective Brienne refuses to let Sansa attend, not realizing she never intended to. In order to get Brienne and her protection far away from Arya, Sansa sends her to King’s Landing in her place to represent her. Clearly Sansa has no idea of the capabilities Arya, even after discovering her knapsack of face skins… yuck.

Finally, after 6 episodes, we will finally see Petyr Baelish’s grand master plan in the season finale. Stay tuned.

Cersei Storyline

A no-show this episode, however she will most definitely be abundant in the season finale. With the Motley crew beyond the wall getting what they came for, they will be able to travel to King’s Landing with proof that this war is so much bigger than Westeros.

Jon Snow Storyline

Another Jon Snow-dominated episode, and we’re all always okay with that! Running into zombie polar bears and hordes of undead soldiers seems to be where he thrives. We see a lot of the “spare volunteers” of Jon’s group getting picked off pretty quick, but one of the most interesting parts of this episode was when Jon killed the White Walker… and almost all of his soldiers dropped dead with him. So kill a White Walker, kill all the soldiers it raised from the dead? Seems to make sense, and really makes life easier for the war to come! Hopefully…

Not too much else to recap or discuss further aside from epic fight scenes and flying limbs. Tormund almost witnessed death but had his ass saved by the Hound. And at the point where there was seemingly no hope, Dany comes to the rescue! Torching zombies left and right, with fans all over the world cheering and smiling! Then the Night King picks up his giant icicle… refer to the Honorable (or should I say, Dishonorable) mentions…

Bran Stark Storyline

No Bran in this episode… He pretty much has done all that he can do by informing everyone that the army of the Undead were marching on East Watch. Now he just gets to sit back and watch (or have his ravens watch) the carnage unfold.

Honorable Game of Thrones Mentions:

Dany possibly expressing a love interest in Jon!

Arya mind-f*cking Sansa into next week. And while Sansa and Littlefinger are plotting something, I think Arya will still be one step ahead when it matters.

Beric’s badass flaming sword.

Zombie Polar Bear.

Gendry’s wheels.

And the worst one of all… the Night King’s terrifyingly good arm, and the death of one of Dany’s beloved dragons Viserion… a horrible moment for Game of Thrones fans. Not to mention, while we were are all still mourning the loss of a dragon, I guarantee the majority of us were not even fathoming the possibility of the undead army dragging that monstrosity back up for zombie revival.  A huge WTF moment. The Night King needs to die.

The return of Benjen Stark, to the rescue!

Jon and Dany’s pact for the future.

And that about covers it! So hard to do this episode justice, if you’re reading this before watching it, then that was a very, very stupid thing to do. Get in front of a TV and get ready to be amazed!


First Impressions: Game of Thrones, Season 7, Ep. 2

Man, is it good to have Game of Thrones back. The emotion, the deceit, the fighting, the passion. Episode 2 just proved that this season is just beginning.

Daenerys Storyline

This episode really started out well. Another classic Varys speech accompanied with the always witty lines of Tyrion Lannister. And proof that this ‘game of thrones’ is just beginning. I personally have always been a fan of Varys. He’s a character who although works his magic to suit only himself, he’s so subtly brilliant that he always ends up finding himself at the forefront of the leading party. He said it himself, he started from the bottom now he’s here (Drake, 2013).

With the progression of the Daenerys storyline, the plan for her fleets seemed foolproof. Obviously we saw that Euron Greyjoy hopes that destroying his niece’s fleet with her as the trophy will help him get Cersei to bed. Seeing that succeed is obviously doubtful, as Cersei always has something up her sleeve. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to seeing what Tyrion and Daenerys have as a backup plan without the Greyjoy fleet or any of the Dornish cargo they had with them.

On a positive note for this storyline, I’d love to see Sir Jorah get reunited with his Queen after getting all cleaned up by Sam. Which, by the way, had the best transition of the episode. Sam picks off an extra leaky flap of dragon scale and BOOM, it’s just chowder from the next scene. Epic.

Arya Storyline

Not much happened with Arya this episode. An admittedly emotional scene with a Direwolf that made me cuddle my own husky just a little closer. And not to mention, she’s returning home! I’m predicting that she’ll conveniently arrive in Winterfell while Jon is off dealing with things at Dragonstone, but either way it’s good to see her taking a break from badass assassinations for a bit.

Cersei Storyline

Again, not too much screen time this episode for Cersei and Jaime, but enough to continue to hate her. She’s back to spreading her embellished lies to the lords she needs on her side, and as usual she’s good at it. As much as I try not to, I still have a soft spot for Jaime, whose love for his sister keeps him loyal. However, you can tell that deep down he wants to be an honest guy with honest intentions.

I’m interested in seeing the progression of convincing the Tarlys to fight alongside. That could be a huge plot twist when the battle at King’s Landing begins and the Tyrells get hit with betrayal number two.

Finally, there’s good ‘ole Qyburn, Master of Whisperers to Cersei and disgraced former Maester. Definitely  an easily hated character on the show, Qyburn has seemingly now come up with a giant crossbow that can pierce dragon bone. That will obviously cause problems for Daenerys, and is undoubtedly foreshadowing an epic battle at King’s Landing.

Jon Snow Storyline

Jon Snow has to make the tough decision this episode to go meet Daenerys and Tyrion, and we can only hope that they come to an agreement to fight side by side. Because guess what? Anybody who doesn’t want Jon Snow and Daenerys fighting side by side is also someone who dips their steaks in ketchup.

Sansa seems a little too comfortable in the highest position in Winterfell, and as usual who knows what the hell Littlefinger is planning and when he’ll undoubtedly come out of left field with a mindf*ck of a move.

Bran Stark Storyline

Now Bran didn’t have a second of screen time this episode, but in case you guys hadn’t heard, there’s a very intriguing rumor spreading around that Bran Stark may in fact be the Night King. Or, at the very least, share blood with him. I want to hear your thoughts on this! It seems very farfetched, but stranger things have happened in Game of Thrones, and this being the truth would be huge. Here is a link to an article explaining this fan theory from its roots.

Honorable Mentions:

Grey Worm, you go boy! Great to finally see him and Missandei doing as much of the nasty as they can do, they deserve it. Knowing Game of Thrones logic, now that they’re happy and in love we can only assume their shelf life just got considerably shorter, so stay tuned for that.

“Right before I was ready to drink myself into a small coffin” – Tyrion. A great line worth mentioning.

What role will Melisandre play? Never been a fan of her and her influence in burning people alive and shadow ghost shenanigans, so I’m not super stoked about her arrival at Dragonstone. Early prediction, one of Dany’s dragons roasts her later on this season.

Olenna Tyrell has some dangerous opinions. Wouldn’t mind seeing her trip down some stairs and stop putting thoughts in Daenerys’ head.

So those are some of my scattered thoughts/predictions after Episode 2! The Game of Thrones violence and plotting is back, but there are always other things happening in the shadows. Did I miss anything particularly juicy? Let me know and hear your thoughts!

The Ultimate Drinking Game of Thrones

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]There are two things that a large number of Americans truly enjoy: alcohol and Game of Thrones. So this Sunday, whether you invite over 50 people or just keep it chill with your significant other, keep a drink in your hand.

Game of Thrones Drinking Rules

Keep in mind that the rules can be bent slightly depending on the drink you’re holding. Before the episode begins, each person must first choose two things. One of these major Houses: Stark, Lannister, or Targaryen, and their character (a living one from one of the major Houses). These two things will come into play under the ‘Special Occurrences’ section.

Take 1 Sip Every Time….

  • The Intro comes on.
  • You see Daenerys’ dragons.
  • Someone swears.
  • Someone dies (large-scale battle scenes don’t count unless you want them to).
  • A character sits on the Iron Throne.

Take 3 Sips Every Time…

  • Someone says “Winter is here.”
  • Sam opens up a book.
  • You see a boob.
  • You see the Night King.
  • Every time a Whitewalker is killed (this punishment may not take effect until a bit later in the season).
  • Someone’s name is presented in multiple parts (ex. “First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm”).
  • The Hound swears.
  • Someone calls someone else a ‘cunt.’
  • Tormund hits on Brienne.

Take 5 Sips Every Time….

  • Arrya assassinates someone.
  • One of Daenerys’ dragons kills someone.
  • Every time Sam helps Jon Snow.
  • A language aside from English is spoken.

Finish your Drink (or take a shot) If…

  • You hear “A Lannister always pays his debts”.
  • A major character is killed.
  • Ed Sheeran comes on screen again, and then starts singing your favorite song of his.
  • Sam becomes a Maester.

Special Drink Occurrences

  • Drink for the entirety of every sex scene.
  • Drink every time someone on screen drinks.
  • Take 1 sip every time someone from your House comes on screen.
  • Take 3 sips every time your character appears on screen.
  • Finish your drink if your character dies in the episode.
  • Go out and buy a bottle of champagne, then pop it open, and finish the bottle if Daenerys’ sits atop the Iron Throne.

And that should about do it! If you’re not hammered by the time the next Game of Thrones episode is over, then feel free to pipe in with other suggestions! And don’t be shy with your sips, because remember, winter is here. And who knows how much time that gives us. So here is a link to a great recap, be sure to watch it before diving into Season 7.

Sorry BuzzFeed, You’re Wrong…AFTERs has the Best Ice Cream Donuts

BuzzFeed recently published an article claiming that B Sweet in West LA had the best Ice Cream Donuts. Not to take anything away from them, but that crown belongs to someone else: AFTERs.


Afters Front Stand

Afters Ice Cream started out as a tiny sweets shop co-founded by two childhood best friends in Fountain Valley. Scott Nghiem and Andy Nguyen went their separate ways in college to explore and see where they wanted to go with their lives, only to find themselves back together, scheming and planning up Afters Ice Cream. With Nghiem being the marketing wiz and Nguyen with the real estate and investing background, the terrifying commitment was inevitable.

Milky Buns

Afters Instagram

And thus Afters was born. Inspired by the food around them every day, flavors like Jasmine Milk Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, and Cookie Butter became a huge success in a short period of time. But then there’s the legendary milky bun.

A warm glazed (or, if you’re crazy, you can get it plain) doughnut filled with your favorite Afters flavor and one topping. These toppings include various cereals like flakes, cookies, or Cap’n Crunch, and add that perfect crunch to your warm and cold, soft and crunchy perfect treat. And to think that this wonderful combination was born while sitting a traffic light next to a doughnut shop. The proverbial lightbulb went off, and the rest was history.

My recommendation? Go for the cookie monster with fruity pebbles.

How Do I Get Some??



Now at this point, you must be wondering ‘How do I gain access to this deliciousness’? Well as of right now, you’re going to need to be living in or visiting Southern California. There are currently 15 locations in areas such as Pasadena, Irvine, San Diego, Long Beach, and Costa Mesa, but the full locations map can be found here.

With the traffic from just these locations, I imagine it won’t be long before they’re expanding outside of California. The world will thank these two childhood buddies profusely for their gift to the rest of the U.S.

So while B Sweet may have delicious offerings as well, the wonderfully balanced crunchy-chewy-soft-warm-and-coolness of the Milky Bun is unmatched by any other dessert that I’ve discovered so far while in Los Angeles. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Storyline Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 7 Ep. 5

Well the craziness had to slow down eventually. This last episode–although great like all the others–seemed to simply be a set up for an insane couple of weeks to come in every storyline. Here’s a refresher to get you ready for this Sunday. 

Daenerys Storyline

The bonding between Daenerys and Jon Snow continues in this episode. The amazing scene of Jon petting Drogon showed the Breaker of Chains that there is something different about Jon Snow. Jon Snow’s ability to pet (and ride!?) dragons could very well be tied to the knowledge dropped by Gilly (ignored by Sam) and further explained below in the Honorable Mentions. To add to the positivity of Daenerys’ storyline, Jorah Mormont returns! And then almost immediately leaves again. To beyond the wall. To certain death? Hopefully, we’ll see in the next Game of Thrones episode.

Arya Storyline

The first of two major question marks this week involves Arya and Littlefinger. Unrest begins to set in at Winterfell, and meanwhile Littlefinger has been scheming all along. So to break this down, Littlefinger has a scroll pulled from Maester Llewyn’s archives. Arya follows him to his quarters, picks the lock, and finds where the scroll has been hidden. It turns out that the scroll was the same one that Sansa had written to their brother Robert, telling him to bend the knee.

We then see, as Arya leaves. that Littlefinger was watching the entire time. It’s no surprise that he knew Arya was on his tail, and it wouldn’t be surprising to assume that he easily could have had this planned the entire time.

Cersei Storyline

This week’s episode picked right back up where it left off last week, quelling any theories as to the possible death of Jaime Lannister. A clearly rattled Jaime runs back to Cersei and, as expected, she barely quivered as the near death experience was relayed to her. In fact, I was surprised to see her composure kept as the truth about Joffrey’s death was put onto the table as well. She is one tough b*tch.

There wasn’t a huge development in this storyline that we didn’t already know. Cersei is still determined to continue ruling the Seven Kingdoms. Also, she has Varys-quality eyes in King’s Landing to watch everyone’s moves. It remains to be seen if the risky decision by Tyrion to meet with Jaime will prove to have been the right one.

Oh, apparently she’s also pregnant. With Jaime’s baby.

Jon Snow Storyline

Jon Snow pets a full grown dragon. That is all I need to say. Nothing could be more badass.

Oh, wait. He is now beyond the wall marching forward to find and capture an undead soldier under the Night King’s command. Damn he’s good.

And talk about a badass crew going beyond the wall. Throw Brienne of Tarth into that mix and you really have something special. The return of the Hound will surely add some gruesome deaths and plenty of ‘cunts’ to the next few episodes, and I’ve no doubt that they will be epic. And is there really any doubt that they’ll return with the undead body they seek?

Jon Snow continues to be the highlight of each week, and this week proves no different. Reunited with Gendry, the bastard of Robert Baratheon, the Battle of the Bastards gains new meaning. Fighting side by side, just like Robert had wanted from the beginning of the show. How proud their mothers must be, right?

Bran Stark Storyline

Always subtle Bran makes the staggering discovery this week that the White Walkers are marching on Eastwatch. While he proceeds to send word across the Seven Kingdoms, there is no easy way to explain that an army of the dead is marching across the North to destroy mankind. Needless to say, there needs to be some convincing. TBD.

Honorable Game of Thrones Mentions

The only honorable mention is something that I imagine many viewers overlooked. In the scene where Gilly is reading to a very frustrated Sam, she reveals an absolute bombshell.

As it turns out, Rhaegar Targaryen had his marriage to Elia of Dorne annulled by a High Septon and was remarried to someone else. That someone else was Lyanna Stark! Let’s make that connection for a second. Targaryen…. Stark…. Jon F*cking Snow. R + L = J. This would mean that Jon wasn’t in fact a bastard and it would also mean that he would have a greater claim to the Iron Throne than Daenerys. Insanity. And even more so that the information just flew over Sam’s head. In any case, Sam is off to who knows where with Gilly and her son to do who knows what. What I do know is that it will be significant because Sam is low-key badass.

Although this episode didn’t have the crazy action or insanity of past episodes, it was still profoundly important. Reunions happened all over the place, Gilly dropped insane knowledge that only she seems to be aware of, and Jon Snow and his team are hunting the Undead beyond the wall. This upcoming episode will be craziness. Stay tuned.

Banksy and Beer: A Booze and Street Art Tour through NYC

As an artist and beer aficionado, I found that it is imperative that somebody guide the good people of New York in a unique way. For those of you who love experimenting with new beers and breweries and want to truly see the city, this tour will be what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s your perfect path through NYC for all things Banksy and Beer.

The Tour

So basically all of Banksy’s work that was done during his 2013 residency in NY can be found in either Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens. We won’t make a stop at every single one, but it seems only appropriate that the tour begins on 25th street, tucked between 10th and 11th Avenue.

Normally I Write Like This


“This is My New York Accent” is what can be read on the wall, and is the perfect statement to make before touring through three boroughs of New York looking at Banksy work and drinking beer. A simple piece from Banksy, but undoubtedly was meant to represent the gateway into his other NY murals. Although this may seem like the first piece he would have done in New York, he completed this on Day 2.

Other Half Brewing

Banksy Other Half

Now that you’ve officially started off, make your way right up Hamilton Avenue and to 195 Centre Street. Now this is arguably the top Brewery on this tour: Other Half Brewing. With so much good beer coming out of New York, there is a good bit of competition. But Other Half keeps it genuine.

Collaborating with local breweries and beyond, these guys have always kept a vision to brew beer that people always want to come back for, and to associate themselves with other like minded brewers. The result? Kickass beer.

Whether you’re enjoying one of their legendary Imperial IPAs or taking it easy with a Pilsner, just know you’re getting quality beer with a cool name and a trippy label.

I Heart (Balloon) You

Banksy Balloon

Next stop is a quick 10 (or so, it’s New York) minute Uber to Van Brunt & King Street. Ahh, the battle to survive a broken heart. An iconic concept in such a simple design, this piece is a popular piece for Banksy fans and stands strong among his New York works as the 7th piece in his NY series.

Unfortunately, as is the case with multiple Banksy NY works, this one has since been vandalized (an ironic statement, I know) with the scrawling of other New York-based graffiti artist vying for the limelight.

Folksbier Brauerei

Banksy Folksbier

Time for another beer spot. Head along Van Brunt and back down Hamilton to 101 Luquer Street. Folksbier is a newer brewery on the scene, a truly homegrown experiment that uses rye-dominant recipes to brew awesome German beers. Now the go-to spot for experimental beer junkies, Folksbier shoots for quality drinkability and does a good job of it.

Threes Brewing

Banksy Threes

On the way towards the next Banksy Mural, there is another brewery that’s worth the stop. Located about 10 minutes east on 333 Douglass Street, Threes Brewing is a must, and a perfect follow-up to Folksbier.

Their house brews focus again on easy drinking German styles and farmhouse ales as well as more hop forward beers, but this location boasts a little more. Home to one of the best bottle shops in the city as well as a full-service restaurant (called the Meat Hook), this stop has it all. A great stop on the tour to hit around lunchtime, before moving further east to the next Banksy piece.

Beaver Mischief

Banksy Beaver

This next piece is about 30 minutes east to 274 Bradford Street. Although it’s simple and small, it’s just hilarious. The 10th piece in his New York series, he kept it simple as he often does, and decided to place a small beaver next to a fallen No Parking sign, making it appear as though it knocked the sign over. Again, it is the simplicity of his work that speaks volumes.

Brooklyn Brewery

Banksy Brooklyn

It is almost time to head over into Queens, but before we do you gotta head over to 79 N 11th Street and check out Brooklyn Brewery. Now a staple of the city, Brooklyn has been around since ’87 and is still brewing great beer.

This location has a rich history and a sort of ‘Jack of all Trades’ brewery for the area with almost any style available with the iconic script B label. Take a tour, drink some brews, and even check out their site, where they outline some of the best beer bars and music venues in Brooklyn’s Northside.


Banksy Queens

The first of two stops in Queens for this tour is a must see of Banksy’s. Located on a white warehouse building on 38th Avenue & 69th St, this now-iconic New York work quotes a famous line from the movie Gladiator. While the meaning can be interpreted many ways, it tends to poke at the idea that sometimes the things we do are easily forgotten or removed.

LIC Beer Project

Banksy LIC

Before heading through the tunnel to Manhattan, you’ve got to check out LIC Beer Project at 39-28 23rd Street in Long Island City. Known for their incredible farmhouse ales and sours, this brewery is a haven for experimental craft beer lovers.

They also brew a number of more hop forward beers as well and collaborate with other heavy hitters and the result is always magic. These guys–as well as Other Half–top my list of beer stops for this tour. As a recommendation, if you can get a hold of a bottle of Dulcinea while here, be sure to grab it. This Oak-barrel aged sour ale will be worth your time.

You Complete Me

Banksy Dog

Time for Manhattan and the Banksy Finale! Continuing through the Queens Midtown Tunnel,  the next stop is to see a peeing dog. Titled “You Complete Me”, you won’t often get the opportunity to photograph this without someone’s dog in front of it posing for a picture.

It is located in Midtown on West 24th & 6th ave, and was completed on Day 3 of his residency.

Concrete Confessional

Banksy Cooper Union

Gradually moving towards Lower Manhattan, this unique Banksy piece at 7th Street & Cooper Square is a great stop on the tour. Again a simple work with an amazing concept and location. With this work, what you see is what you get. This construction site housed the perfect setup for Banksy’s vision of an urban confessional. There is also a 1-800 number accompanying the piece that can be dialed to hear more about the work and its inspiration.

1-800 Airstrike

Banksy Ludlow

Moving into some much more politically poignant work, the next Banksy installation at 159 Ludlow Street is powerful, to say the least. Depicting horses in night vision goggles and a car surrounded by oil barrels, this is Banksy’s commentary on the Iraq war.

Like the previous work as well as many of Banksy’s other pieces, this one features a 1-800 number that when dialed, gives more information about the installation. This particular one forwards to an audio recording of a 2007 air strike that killed 2 children and a Reuters journalist.

Not usually one for such a forward political presence, this powerful work is a unique and iconic addition to his vast urban portfolio. Banksy completed this on Day 9 of his residency.

The Street is in Play

Banksy Chinatown

A quick 10-minute walk down Ludlow over to 18 Allen Street will place you at Banksy’s first installation during his time in New York. It depicts one boy helping another retrieve a spray paint bottle from out of the ‘Graffiti is a Crime’ sign.

A satirical poke at the urban art form, a form of expression that is indeed a crime, however, is ironically marveled at by the public and not often enforced. With only two other Banksy stops left, I felt that this one needed to be a stop.

Honorable Mention: In Remembrance Of

Banksy TT

A fitting title for a controversial piece. The twin towers standing tall, with an orange flower ‘explosion’ on the left tower. Located in Tribeca on Staple Street near the corner of Jay Street. Remembering a horrible day vividly, but with a flower as a means of paying respect. Was this Banksy’s intention? Alas, it is art after all.

The piece was painted over shortly after it was completed, but not before it drew crowds and opinions as I’m sure it was intended to do. Regardless of your belief of its meaning, the site alone is worth mentioning while in Manhattan, and even worth stopping by before we head back full circle into Brooklyn.

I, Robot

Banksy Coney

And the finale has arrived. I tried to make this tour a huge circle through three boroughs, stopping at the more iconic murals in his New York collection. This final stop is at 2812 Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island.

The depiction is of a robot spray painting what looks like a barcode on the site of a convenience store. I don’t know what it is about this 28th piece in his series, but I’m not alone when I say that it is arguably my favorite.

It’s slightly ambiguous, as it’s unclear whether it is a barcode or just a futuristic symbol. If it is a barcode, is he putting a ‘price’ on something? Questions, questions, and more questions. But I thought it to be the best ending to a Banksy Bonanza… but not before one last beer stop.

Coney Island Brewing Company

Banksy CI Brewery

A quick walk down Stillwell with a right onto Surf Ave will get you to Coney Island Brewing Company. The official final stop on the tour! This brewery has a great atmosphere, brewery tours, and great beers with festive names. Whether it be a SuperFreak, Kettle Corn Cream Ale, or Cotton Candy Kolsch, Coney Island is a great place to check out while by the water.

And that about does it! There are a million ways to view Banksy works or drink beer around New York, but I hope that this thought-out path through some iconic NY art and beer will appeal to all your senses. Happy hunting, and cheers!