About The Warblr

The Warblr is a political junky site dedicated to bringing readers quality news material, daily satire, and searing truth bombs. Founded in July 2017, The Warblr strives to deliver thoughtful and concise analysis and commentary on current political trends–often through the lens of humor, occasionally through the lens of exhaustion. With engaging and witty editorial, our writers are committed to crafting and sharing content to millennial readers.

Meet the Team

Hillary Adler is Co-Founder and CEO of The Warblr. She is a New York City-based poet and journalist, and holds degrees from Roanoke College and The New School. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in New York Magazine, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post, The Poetry Foundation, Bustle and elsewhere. She can be found on Twitter @HillaryAdler.

Ying Cheng is Co-Founder and CFO of The Warblr. She has degrees from Dartmouth College, Cornell University and the McGill University Faculty of Law. She enjoys savage political humor (Andy Borowitz, The Onion, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee and their ilk), eating well and spending time with her dog.

Chala Giron is the Managing Editor for The Warblr, and a poet and writer residing in Jersey City. She holds a BA in Literature Studies and Creative Writing from Roanoke College and an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. She spends her free weekends traveling and eating food. Her work has appeared in Tidal Echoes Literary Journal and Green Rush Daily. She is currently working on her first novel.

Aisha Sidibe is a regular opinion editorial correspondent for The Warblr, speaking truth to power as often as possible. As a multi-ethnic writer, intersectionality has been a driving force behind her work. She is working on her first memoir and learning her fifth language – German. She hopes to perfect both by 2020. Aisha is an adjunct instructor at the City University of New York. She lives with her husband, a fiction writer, and two sons in New York.

Matt Jorgensen is a resident satire writer for The Warblr. He has a degree in Literature Studies from Roanoke College. He spends his time advocating for cannabis legalization, sporting around in bomb leather jackets, and living life like a true Jersey boi. He has no other publishing credits outside of the evil Big Pharma industry. Regrettable.

Eric Griffin is an LA-based writer and photo editor for The Warblr. His work has been featured in various art exhibitions in Virginia and in media outlets such as the Huffington Post and past catalogs for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. He has also been nationally recognized at Carnegie Hall for a piece that earned him Scholastic’s American Visions award. His client outreach spans multiple states, with mural commissions in Alabama and Los Angeles, and graphic design work for companies working out of Southwest Virginia. Eric is currently working towards a graduate degree in computer animation in Los Angeles.

Virginia Valenzuela is a poet, essayist, and yogi living in Manhattan. She holds BA’s in Creative Writing, Literary Studies, and Women’s Studies, and a minor in Film Studies. She is a second-year MFA candidate for Poetry and Creative Nonfiction at The New School. She writes about politics for The Warblr. Her work has appeared on the Best American Poetry Blog and will eventually find its way elsewhere.

Hollie Ferguson is an editorial intern for The Warblr and a journalism student at the University of Alabama. Her work has appeared in The Tab, Odyssey, Thought Catalog, Green Rush Daily and elsewhere. She loves writing, exploring, and playing with rescue pups.