8 Halloween Costumes for the Swampiest Creatures in Washington D.C.

8. Betsy DeVos – Professor Umbridge

Betsy DeVos Halloween

DeVos doesn’t even need to try for Halloween. We all know this pink-loving, children-hating, Secretary of Education has been dying to dress up as Professor Umbridge for, like, her entire life.

7. Ivanka Trump – Dad’s New Girlfriend

Ivanka Trump Halloween

Everybody wants to talk about how in peril Melania and Donald are, and Ivanka has a great (the greatest!) sense of humor. This Halloween, she’ll go as none other than Dad’s New Girlfriend. After all, the President would date his daughter if he could.

6. Jared Kushner – Pinocchio

Jared Kushner Halloween

“No, sire, I did not collude with the Russians,” says Jared. Shut up Jared, your nose just grew about five inches.

5. John Kelly – John Kelly

John Kelly Halloween

John Kelly doesn’t need a Halloween costume. He is scary enough. Whatever you do, don’t cross him–or challenge him, as advised by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

4. Mike Pence – Lucius Malfoy

Mike Pence Halloween

The quiet and plotting right-hand man of He Who Must Not Be Named, Mike Pence is undoubtedly Lucius Malfoy for Halloween. He is for sure one of the evilest members of the Trump administration and we hope Mueller throws his a** in Azkaban where it belongs.

3. Sarah Huckabee Sanders – Uncle Fester from Addams Family

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Halloween

LOLZ. Nothing else.

2. Chris Christie – Violet Beauregarde

Chris Christie Halloween

We all know Trumpkins is an Oompa Loompa for Halloween. His costume doesn’t even need to be discussed. But his number one lackey, Chris Christie, is most certainly Violet Beauregarde. Noisy, nasty, and a big ole’ fat blueberry. This Halloween costume wins the class contest.

1. Melania Trump – Eva Braun

Melania Trump Halloween

Poor Melania. She is the quiet, misunderstood, and tragically misplaced female arm-candy to the most dangerous man in the world. She was always going to be Eva Braun for Halloween.


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