ICYMI: Betsy DeVos is the Muggle Version of Professor Umbridge

In the Muggle World, We Have Betsy DeVos

When an unqualified usurper comes to power over school children, we can’t help but make the obvious connection: Betsy DeVos is the muggle version of Dolores Umbridge.  Here are a few instances it’s hard to tell the difference between the US Secretary of Education and corrupt headmaster Dolores Umbridge.

Her Preference for Pink

Umbridge’s signature look is trending in the White House. The only difference here, Umbridge knows where to find the pencils.

Receives Security Detail Because of Her Unpopular Ideas

DeVos receives heavy security detail from the US federal marshals for a bill totaling over $8 million dollars in 8 months. Betsy is the only cabinet member getting such high-security detail. A rare photo of her security guards has surfaced thanks to White House leaks:

When Impressing the Dark Lord Comes Above the Wellness of School Children

Dolores: Oh, children are being petrified and using the Unforgivable Curses? Voldemort doesn’t seem concerned.

Betsy: Oh, children are being sexually assaulted and not getting justice? Trump doesn’t seem concerned.

No Prior Experience in the Education Field

It’s not her extensive knowledge of pedagogy and curriculum building that landed DeVos the job. Just ask Umbridge, it’s all about powerful connections.

Dramatic Changes to the Previous Administration’s Class Rules

In recent news, DeVos is challenging Obama-era Title IX concerning how schools handle sexual misconduct. Next, she’ll start nailing the rules over the walls of the Senate.

Safety of Students Comes Last

Devos said, “Any school that refuses to take seriously a student who reports sexual misconduct is one that discriminates. And any school that uses a system biased toward finding a student responsible for sexual misconduct also commits discrimination.”

If there is any light at the end of the tunnel, it’s that Professor Umbridge got her due. Let’s hope DeVos goes down in similar flames: