Xoxo Files: Meet Hope Hicks, the New White House ‘It’ Girl

Hey there Americans,

Gossip girl, here. It’s summertime in the swamp and life is certainly heating up for our 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue residents. As you may have heard, Hope Hicks was just hired as the new White House communications director.

Let’s give credit where it’s due and marvel at the fact that a 28-year-old woman now has the top PR job in the country. Applaud. Applaud. This is goals, America; albeit not under this specific administration, but we can still admire her sly drive to success.

Rumor has it the newest train monkey for the Nazi sympathizer did not obtain her position by past political experience, or even merit for that matter. The hiring of Hope Hicks as the new White House Communications Director leaves many people wondering, myself included, “But, why? How?”

Started From The Top

Like all of our favorite bad girls, Hope Hicks grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut and graduated with an English degree from Southern Methodist University. In her teen years, she modeled for Ralph Lauren and appeared on the cover of Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl spin off novels, The It Girl. 

The IT girl, indeed. Hope Hicks appeared on Forbes’s 30 Under 30 when she took the role of Press Secretary in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

And just like any It Girl from the world of Gossip Girl, Hicks obtained her position next to Donald Trump through her devilishly good looks and moneyed connections. During the beginning of her career in public relations, Ivanka Trump’s fashion company was amongst her clientele. From there, Hicks caught the eye of the future president. She then worked PR for Trump’s real estate company starting in October and has remained a rock by his side ever since. Working as Trump’s press secretary during his campaign was her first exposure to the political world, something both Hicks and Trump have in common.

Hope Hicks keeps a low-profile, but is known to be one of the longest allies by Trump’s side since his political reign began. She is one of the only true insiders of the Trump family. But we’ve seen what Donald can do to his allies. Hicks will be the fourth WH Communications Director since Trump took office in January. Fourth times the charm, is that how it goes?

It is no surprised that someone with little political experience was chosen to a high-ranking role in the White House. But is it correct to claim the Don is “draining the swamp” or is he merely “swapping swamps?”

Though we can admire this real life Blair Waldorf for her blind ambition, the outcome of Hope Hicks’s political career hangs in the air.

You know you love me,