Dothraki-Themed Dating App Overtakes Tinder In Popularity

New York, NY — A Dothraki-themed dating app created by two New York-based entrepreneurs, Saanvi Patel and Elizabeth Gravely, has overtaken Tinder as the most popular mobile dating interface amongst the coveted millennial market.

The Dothraki dating app was inspired by the nomadic, horse-riding warriors from the highly-lauded HBO series Game of Thrones. Invoking a deep nostalgia for an era of unambiguous gender norms, the Dothraki app promises its mostly heterosexual female user-base “real, unfiltered men.”

Additionally, to the co-founders’ happy surprise, the dating app has also gained a large user-base amongst a subset of the male LGBT community knows as “bears and cubs,” where the user, often a “cub,” will be seeking a “Dothraki bear.”

Initially, Patel, Gravely, and their angel investors had concerns that the app would struggle to scale if interest did not go beyond the Game of Thrones fan base; however, such concerns quickly subsided when over 1 million users downloaded the Dothraki dating app in its first week.

During a live Facebook chat, Patel had this to say on the app’s meteoric rise: “In retrospect, it’s not surprising that the app has been such a big hit. In this uncertain sociopolitical climate, a lot us are yearning for simpler times, for our own Khal Drogo to take care of things. We want to unleash our primal instincts and tune out of the noise. Less talking, you know, more of… the other stuff.”

The Dothraki app is $14.99/month and available on iOS and Android.