First Impressions: Game of Thrones, Season 7 Ep. 4

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]What an absolutely heart-pounding episode of Game of Thrones! Definitely one for the fans. Here’s my weekly storyline breakdown.

Daenerys Storyline

Although it seems a bit too convenient, it looks as though Jon Snow has broken through to Daenerys. Thanks to the Children of the Forest, his point about the White Walkers has (quite literally) been drawn out for the Mother of Dragons, and it seems like the two may be headed in the right direction as far as creating a strategic — and possibly romantic — relationship, even if Jon Snow claims he has no time for such things.

The Daenerys/Jon storyline became overshadowed by an EPIC fight scene between the Lannister Army and Drogon & Daenerys with the Dothraki. While I loved seeing a vengeful Drogon destroy the giant crossbow prototype, until the mastermind Qyburn is shot down, new dragon-slaying crossbows can just keep on being built. However, finally, we have an episode of Game of Thrones without a Cersei win on the board. This episode finale keeps me greatly looking forward to the look on Cersei’s face when she hears news of the huge loss and (presumably?) the destruction of all the gold from High Garden. Was it in fact specifically shown that Drogon toasted all the gold? Or was it just implied? Or neither??

Also, if you guys want to do a little interaction, do you think Jamie is dead? It seems obvious that he wouldn’t die so suddenly and in such pathetic fashion, but stranger things have happened on Game of Thrones. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Arya Storyline

Another Stark daughter home in Winterfell. A very interesting interaction between Brienne and Arya leaves us wondering what Sansa’s reaction reveals. It was hard to discern jealousy, surprise, or disapproval of her sister’s mastery with a blade, but it begs the question why? I am definitely curious to see how this plays out. Not to mention, Littlefinger’s scheming face is the period at the end of every sentence involving the Starks. He is planning something huge, and I want to know what it is!

Cersei Storyline

Not too much progress in the Cersei storyline, and while it seemed that the debts to the Iron Bank were surely repaid, it now seems unlikely that the bounty will make it any further into King’s Landing. What could have been a very interesting relationship between the Lannisters and the Iron Bank may have been all for naught. However, the fact that the scene between Tycho and Cersei was included in the episode at all makes me think that their relationship is far from over, debts repaid or not.

Jon Snow Storyline

As mentioned previously, Jon’s storyline continues with positive news. He has gained more of Daenerys’ trust with his discovery in the caves, and even counseled Daenerys on what her next move should be. So was Daenerys then completely disregarding Jon’s advice by attacking Jamie’s army? Was this done to prove a point to Jon? I am interested to see whether he played a part in her decision to attack.

Also, as another interactive vote, who was it who attempted to save Jamie? Was it the obvious choice of Bronn? Or possibly Randyll Tarly or his son Dickon? Thoughts?

Bran Stark Storyline

Bran aka Three-Eyed Raven continues to put forth that super-creepy slash wise beyond his years demeanour. While he seemed to set off weird vibes with Sansa, he definitely intrigued Arrya with his knowledge. At this point, he seems to be creating a rift in the family, but knowing what Bran knows, I am sure he has his reasons. Ultimately, he really does hold all the cards.

Honorable Mentions:

Bronn laughing heartily at the unfortunate name of Randyll Tarly’s son, Dickon. Rickon? No, Dickon. LOL.

Arya turning heads with her impressive sword skills.

Drogon thankfully not taking that giant spear to the skull. My heart was pounding from the moment Bronn hopped on that Dragon killer.

Missandei and Daenerys’ total girl moment over Greyworm.

A rare glimpse of humility from Tyrion, who was clearly uncomfortable watching the Dothraki tear through the Lannister troops. A rather sad moment, honestly.

Any glimpse of the legendary Podrick! One of those subtly awesome characters that producers know fans love for some reason and always make sure to keep him around!


Well those are my thoughts for this week on Game of Thrones! An amazing episode, and surely one to become a fan favorite from this season. A heart pounder that leaves us impatiently waiting for week 5!