First Impressions: Game of Thrones Season 7, Ep. 3

It just keeps getting better and better. Here are some thoughts on this week’s episode.

Daenerys Storyline

So as a recap from last episode, Jon Snow decides to accept Daenerys’ invitation to Dragonstone. While the visit begins with the fluffing of feathers and on shaky ground, we quickly see progress made. The two most rational characters on the show were bound to make something good of the experience, and I can only imagine further progress will be made between the two as they work towards a hugely important relationship.

Unfortunately, the storyline for Daenerys worsens, as while it initially seemed like she was in the driver’s seat with her planned attacks on different parts of Westeros, Cersei (or should I say Jaime) played her bluff. It will be interesting to see how much longer Greyworm will last in his difficult position, with the very heritable Euron sure to make his acquaintance next week. It seems to me that it is no secret that Cersei’s  downfall will inevitably be the betrayal of those who she feel has given their loyalty.

Arya Storyline

I guess we’ll skip this section, although I would have guessed that Arya would make it back to Winterfell before Bran. Oh well.

Cersei Storyline

Cersei was back in full force this episode, reminding us all why she is the most hated character on the show. Euron brings back the ultimate gift, vengeance for the loss of her daughter. While I imagine some moms watching are saying “You go girl!”, let’s be honest… she’s a monster. But unfortunately she’s a smart monster, and I would have to give the win this episode to her. Stranding the Unsullied on Casterly Rock, Jaime’s army overtaking Highgarden, imprisoning Ellaria Sand and inevitably killing her daughter, and apparently paying back her debts to the Iron Bank.

This brief meeting with Tycho Nestoris from Bravos initially proved intriguing and ambiguous. But after seeing Highgarden taken, we can only imagine that the rich Tyrell vaults will provide more than enough gold to pay back the deep Lannister debts. Yet another score for Cersei.

Jon Snow Storyline

Jon Snow didn’t see much of the screen this week, and while he’s already been touched upon in the Daenerys section, his news this episode was mostly good, as he has been granted access to the Dragon glass below Dragonstone. Does anybody else just want to hold up a picture of the White Walkers and say “Look, they’re real! Now let’s figure out something and destroy Cersei and the Night King!” No? I guess one episode a week is just never enough.

Bran Stark Storyline

Bran returned this week to a slightly awkward reunion with Sansa. With the complete 360 transformation of personality into the 3-eyed Raven, Bran is now all wisdom and slight creepiness. It will be interesting to see his role in Winterfell in the coming episodes under Sansa’s rule.

Honorable Mentions:

A huge relief for Sam! Great to see Jorah coming back into the picture without death hanging over his head. Unfortunately no promotion, and Sam is back to doing shit work (sometimes literally) for the time being. Definitely look for him to be helping out Jon some more from the Citadel.

Yet another episode that Tyrion had me laughing out loud! Has he always been this witty??

I promise I didn’t forget. Finally we know for sure who murdered Joffrey! It’s funny because now I can totally see Olenna pulling that move. I always liked her, and although her death has been certain for some time now, she really went out with a bang this episode.

Those are my thoughts for this week! Lots of questions to be answered. Where will negotiations with Jon and Daenerys go? Will Ellaria and her daughter somehow escape Cersei’s clutches? How will the Unsullied manage the loss of their fleet to the Ironborn? And a personal question I’m considering, will Jaime stay true to Cersei until the end? I feel as though I’m beginning to sense a wavering in his emotions.