Trump Bans Trans Service Members From Military With His Tiny Tweeting Hands

More Regression from the POTUS

Today, in a series of tweets, Donald Trump announced that transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the US military. Trump claims transgender medical costs are too burdensome for the military. This directly reverts the Obama-era lift of the ban against transgender soldiers in the military back in 2016. The progression of human rights in the military in the past year was slowly improving. Women became open to all combat roles and Ashton B. Carter appointed the first openly gay Army secretary.

Trump’s policies and ideologies are as mercurial as his 3 a.m. tweeting fits. Lest we not forget! During Trump’s presidential campaign, he told the LGBT community he would be on their side. That he will “fight” for them. Who would have thought that taking away their right to choose a military life was “fighting for” them?

Of the 1.3 million active-duty military members, about 2,450 are transgender. Yet, shouldn’t every single member in the military receive the same respect and appreciation? No matter what gender they decide to be? American Civil Liberties Union tweeted that the thousands of service members deserve better from their commander-in-chief. Sad.

Twitter Strikes Back

In the few short hours of the announcement, many have spoken out against the ban.

Some have not shied away from pointing out Trump’s tremendous lack of experience when it comes to combat and military service.

Also, does any one want to explain this one? We know Trump can’t. But didn’t he say all of his experts were discussing this ban? Just minus the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.

And finally, his tweets and screams should inspire us to fight back. Civil, human rights will not go down quietly, Mr. President.