This All-In-One Bag Is the Only Bag You’ll Ever Need

In a world where women have to do great things and look great doing them, there’s a lot going on in any woman’s bag or purse. From notebooks to feminine care to a whole array of makeup and accessories to the essentials (phone/keys/wallet), the modern woman has a lot to lug around.

The Answer

Tiffany Haas, the designer of Fullbeat, is a Broadway performer and fashion entrepreneur who spends her days dashing through New York City for auditions, meetings, work, and all the social occasions that come in between. While traveling from theater to theater and then city to city, Tiffany realized that there was no bag that fit her needs, and she was carrying sometimes two or three bags at a time.

Tiffany with The Vanity

If Tiffany couldn’t find a bag that provided ease and organization, she was going to make one herself, so upon returning from a national tour of the hit show Wicked, Tiffany set up a work station in her dressing room where she tore her old bags apart and put them back together again in a way that was functional, fashionable, and fab, and from these efforts FullBeat was born.

What is FullBeat?

“FullBeat by Tiffany Haas is more than just another brand name, it’s a lifestyle. FullBeat is about living life to the fullest, dreaming big and having the confidence, drive and perseverance to make your dreams a reality. It’s about being true to who you are no matter what the world thinks.”

I personally love that these bags were designed by a woman, for women, and that Ms. Haas keeps all of us in mind when making, selling, and advertising her products. For her it’s not just about being a star, but being comfortable in your skin and having a product that will make your life easier, for real.

The Bags


The three types of bags listed on her website are: “The Vanity,” “So Clutch,” and “Ready Set Bow” (above). “The Vanity” is a miracle in the world of makeup bags, allowing one to organize her brushes, wands, shadows, accessories, and more, and it even comes with a mirror that slips easily into its own pocket. The clutch and the wristlet each sport a glamorous bow on the front and hidden pockets to organize your life while not giving away any of your secrets.

Pricing and Where to Find FullBeat

Retail price points range from $58 to $165, but you can visit their website,, and join the mailing list for 10% off your purchase.

There are few things in life that a woman really needs, and one of them is a bag that they can use everywhere, for everything. Lucky for you, the perfect bag exists, and you know exactly where to find it.