25 English Slang Words American Millennials Should Know Before Traveling to England

The English Speak the Most Creative English

England is a top destination for many young Americans, because, well, they speak English. But whether it’s to study, or live, or just a quick tour around London, people realize something quite quickly: English is not the same as American English.

From “I’m taking the piss, mate!” to “can I bum a fag?” American millennials might find the language confusing, if not sometimes offensive. But the gorgeous thing about the English is they’ll call you a c*nt in front of their mum and not give a fook.

So here’s a dictionary of 25 English slang words to not take, or take, offensively.

1. Bell end

Dick head, “bell” also means penis. You don’t want to be called this.

2. Wet

Weak, spiritless, no backbone like a limp fish.  Used to describe someone with no personality.

3. Taking the piss

Joking around, typically in a fashion that makes you look like an idiot.

4. Banter

Sometimes used as “bantz,” meaning to tease back and forth. Much like flirting in the 3rd grade.

5. Innit

Literally “isn’t it.” Typically spoken at the end of a sentence: “that’s your favorite pub, innit?”

6. Muggy

A person who is bullsh*tting, but with great skill, manipulates lies and truths. “Trump’s administration is a muggy lot.”

7. Bruv

Endearing term between friends; less creepy than “luv” which is used by grandparents or the weird 50 year old guy at the bar trying to take home young ladies.

8. You okay/You alright?

It’s not that you don’t look okay, it’s their version of “hi, how are you?” And just like in America, they don’t really care. Can answer back with, “yeah, you okay?”

9. Fag

Cigarette. If someone asks if you want a fag, they do not mean a person.

10. Knob head

Also, dick head. Or if heard as “Nob,” could mean posh, snooty.

11. Posh

High class, pinky up type. The royal family is posh AF.

12. Rig

Used by men to express an appreciation for the female décolletage. Basically means nice tits.

13. Camp

Fabulously queer, usually with sparkles. Be careful, can be offensive.

14. Gutted

Devastated. Expecting one thing, but it doesn’t happen: “I’m so gutted we’re not going out tonight.”

15. Kerfuffle

Minor skirmish or altercation. Polite way of saying “shi*tstorm.”

16. Chav

White trash, low class. American version: hillbilly.

17. Skive

Purposefully skip school or work by faking illness. “Skiver” is someone who is a lazy idiot.

18. Pissed

Incredibly intoxicated: “We went to the club and got pissed.”

19. Cock up

Mistake, horribly screwed up, ruined. “I want to talk to her, but I don’t want to cock up.”

20. Wanker

An idiot that’s full of him or herself, annoyingly pretentious.  “Mike Pence, what a wanker.”

21. Slag

Whore, the worst kind. Do not want to be called this.

23. Minger

Unattractive woman, typically used to tease a guy for his past hook ups.

24. Sod

Fool, idiot. Can be used as “Sod off,” meaning go away, stop bothering me.

25. Dodgy

Shady character, sketchy. Can be used to describe neighborhoods you don’t want to be wandering in at night.