8 Gifs that Perfectly Sum Up the G20 Summit

But first, WTF is the G20 Anyways?

Each year, the G20 Summit–Group of 20–brings together the leaders of the 19 richest countries in the world, plus the European Union. The origins of the summit date back to 1999, when it was created as a forum to discuss international finances and economic transnational cooperation. Following the 2008 financial and economic crisis, representation shifted from financial leaders to global leaders and heads of government, dramatically raising the profile of the summit.

The G20 has always drawn sharp criticism from anti-globalization protestors, who point to the ad-hoc nature of the summit as a point of contention. After all, the 20 heads of state in representation account for approximately 80% of the gross world product (GWP). It is a hotbed for mass protest, and given the presence of Donald Trump–who carries protest with him everywhere he goes–the 2017 G20 Summit was bound to be ripe for major action.

Protestors caused major delays and for three days wreaked havoc on Hamburg, with multiple arrests and deaths. But aside from the 100,000 protestors who surrounded the summit site, the G20 had plenty of their own inside issues to contend with. Here are the top 8 most memorable moments, presented in gifs and tweets.

8. Every woman in the workplace has felt like Angela Merkel at one point or another. Like please, Putin, mansplain me a little more. 

7. The handshake that was…

6. The handshake that wasn’t. Bravo, Miss Poland, Bravo. 


5. Twitter had more fun than Donny Boy, that’s for sure. #G20 is still trending. 

4. The thousand word picture that sums up EVERYBODY


3. Macron is officially the world’s greatest #TrumpTroll

2. Our daughter-in-chief is making pals on the global stage. 

1. TBH this is how I feel at a party, too, but then again…I’m not the President.

Trump Alone G20

Bonus Twitter Existentialism: