13 Times Donald Trump Completely Wrecked on Twitter

Make Twitter Great Again, Donald

Let’s put aside the notion of unbiased, non-partisan journalism and admit a universal fact: Donald Trump is our resident moron-in-chief. When he isn’t sitting idle on a golf course or twiddling his remarkably small thumbs, he is lighting up Twitter at 3 am with a “Tweet Heard Round The World.”

Whether The Donald is contradicting himself or sounding off on the latest Kristen Stewart drama, one question remains: Can somebody please take his damn phone away before he starts WW3?

Here are 23 of Cheeto’s most notoriously ridiculous tweets. Bigly.

13. Remember that time Donald Trump was worried Obama would screw up the world with machismo

12. Or when he actually feared the collapse of our precious democracy? 

11. We didn’t realize he had such a strong opposition to sex scandals. 

10.  And here we thought unnamed sources were fake news?

9. Daddy must not have briefed him on the whole “time and place” thing. 

8. #TBT that time he was a champion for free speech and non-violence. 

7. *Crickets*

6. Trust us, we’re trying. 

5. Coming out of Washington…and your mouth. 

4. It was opposite day. 

3. “And how do you feel about that, Mr. President?”

2. “Look how much I love these people. I’ll even eat their food!” 

1. GOAT.


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