Storyline Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 7 Ep. 5

Storyline Recap: Game of Thrones, Season 7 Ep. 5

This episode was icy hot. Zombie polar bears, flaming swords, and lots of Snow (pun intended?). But while the battle beyond the wall stole the spotlight this week, the other storyline parts of the episode were also pretty damn enthralling.

Daenerys Storyline

The hero of week 6! The beginning of this episode saw an interesting interaction between Dany and Tyrion, and revealed some pretty clear feelings that she has towards Jon.

Something about the whole situation has me still thinking that Daenerys and Jon will end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms together, even with the information dropped by Gilly in week 5’s episode. Who knows. What we do all know, however, is that GoT loves dropping hammers, so there is still hope!

The scene between Tyrion and Dany over drinks served as a sort of precursor to the inevitable response from Daenerys to save Jon and the others beyond the wall. Not only was the man that she may possibly love in danger, but so is her potential future. What followed is one of the most incredibly dramatic scenes I’ve witnessed in Game of Thrones. The FX were beautiful, the drama was staggering, and all around an amazing battle. If you really want to be impressed, check out the Behind the Scenes of how they made it all happen. Absolutely incredible.

Arya Storyline

Aya put some clear hurt on Sansa this week, and with all the craziness going on all over the Seven Kingdoms, sometimes it’s tough to remember the huge twist that is clearly brewing in Winterfell. After Arya blackmails Sansa, an invitation arrives to come to King’s Landing. The protective Brienne refuses to let Sansa attend, not realizing she never intended to. In order to get Brienne and her protection far away from Arya, Sansa sends her to King’s Landing in her place to represent her. Clearly Sansa has no idea of the capabilities Arya, even after discovering her knapsack of face skins… yuck.

Finally, after 6 episodes, we will finally see Petyr Baelish’s grand master plan in the season finale. Stay tuned.

Cersei Storyline

A no-show this episode, however she will most definitely be abundant in the season finale. With the Motley crew beyond the wall getting what they came for, they will be able to travel to King’s Landing with proof that this war is so much bigger than Westeros.

Jon Snow Storyline

Another Jon Snow-dominated episode, and we’re all always okay with that! Running into zombie polar bears and hordes of undead soldiers seems to be where he thrives. We see a lot of the “spare volunteers” of Jon’s group getting picked off pretty quick, but one of the most interesting parts of this episode was when Jon killed the White Walker… and almost all of his soldiers dropped dead with him. So kill a White Walker, kill all the soldiers it raised from the dead? Seems to make sense, and really makes life easier for the war to come! Hopefully…

Not too much else to recap or discuss further aside from epic fight scenes and flying limbs. Tormund almost witnessed death but had his ass saved by the Hound. And at the point where there was seemingly no hope, Dany comes to the rescue! Torching zombies left and right, with fans all over the world cheering and smiling! Then the Night King picks up his giant icicle… refer to the Honorable (or should I say, Dishonorable) mentions…

Bran Stark Storyline

No Bran in this episode… He pretty much has done all that he can do by informing everyone that the army of the Undead were marching on East Watch. Now he just gets to sit back and watch (or have his ravens watch) the carnage unfold.

Honorable Game of Thrones Mentions:

Dany possibly expressing a love interest in Jon!

Arya mind-f*cking Sansa into next week. And while Sansa and Littlefinger are plotting something, I think Arya will still be one step ahead when it matters.

Beric’s badass flaming sword.

Zombie Polar Bear.

Gendry’s wheels.

And the worst one of all… the Night King’s terrifyingly good arm, and the death of one of Dany’s beloved dragons Viserion… a horrible moment for Game of Thrones fans. Not to mention, while we were are all still mourning the loss of a dragon, I guarantee the majority of us were not even fathoming the possibility of the undead army dragging that monstrosity back up for zombie revival.  A huge WTF moment. The Night King needs to die.

The return of Benjen Stark, to the rescue!

Jon and Dany’s pact for the future.

And that about covers it! So hard to do this episode justice, if you’re reading this before watching it, then that was a very, very stupid thing to do. Get in front of a TV and get ready to be amazed!