First Impressions: Game of Thrones, Season 7, Ep. 2

Man, is it good to have Game of Thrones back. The emotion, the deceit, the fighting, the passion. Episode 2 just proved that this season is just beginning.

Daenerys Storyline

This episode really started out well. Another classic Varys speech accompanied with the always witty lines of Tyrion Lannister. And proof that this ‘game of thrones’ is just beginning. I personally have always been a fan of Varys. He’s a character who although works his magic to suit only himself, he’s so subtly brilliant that he always ends up finding himself at the forefront of the leading party. He said it himself, he started from the bottom now he’s here (Drake, 2013).

With the progression of the Daenerys storyline, the plan for her fleets seemed foolproof. Obviously we saw that Euron Greyjoy hopes that destroying his niece’s fleet with her as the trophy will help him get Cersei to bed. Seeing that succeed is obviously doubtful, as Cersei always has something up her sleeve. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to seeing what Tyrion and Daenerys have as a backup plan without the Greyjoy fleet or any of the Dornish cargo they had with them.

On a positive note for this storyline, I’d love to see Sir Jorah get reunited with his Queen after getting all cleaned up by Sam. Which, by the way, had the best transition of the episode. Sam picks off an extra leaky flap of dragon scale and BOOM, it’s just chowder from the next scene. Epic.

Arya Storyline

Not much happened with Arya this episode. An admittedly emotional scene with a Direwolf that made me cuddle my own husky just a little closer. And not to mention, she’s returning home! I’m predicting that she’ll conveniently arrive in Winterfell while Jon is off dealing with things at Dragonstone, but either way it’s good to see her taking a break from badass assassinations for a bit.

Cersei Storyline

Again, not too much screen time this episode for Cersei and Jaime, but enough to continue to hate her. She’s back to spreading her embellished lies to the lords she needs on her side, and as usual she’s good at it. As much as I try not to, I still have a soft spot for Jaime, whose love for his sister keeps him loyal. However, you can tell that deep down he wants to be an honest guy with honest intentions.

I’m interested in seeing the progression of convincing the Tarlys to fight alongside. That could be a huge plot twist when the battle at King’s Landing begins and the Tyrells get hit with betrayal number two.

Finally, there’s good ‘ole Qyburn, Master of Whisperers to Cersei and disgraced former Maester. Definitely  an easily hated character on the show, Qyburn has seemingly now come up with a giant crossbow that can pierce dragon bone. That will obviously cause problems for Daenerys, and is undoubtedly foreshadowing an epic battle at King’s Landing.

Jon Snow Storyline

Jon Snow has to make the tough decision this episode to go meet Daenerys and Tyrion, and we can only hope that they come to an agreement to fight side by side. Because guess what? Anybody who doesn’t want Jon Snow and Daenerys fighting side by side is also someone who dips their steaks in ketchup.

Sansa seems a little too comfortable in the highest position in Winterfell, and as usual who knows what the hell Littlefinger is planning and when he’ll undoubtedly come out of left field with a mindf*ck of a move.

Bran Stark Storyline

Now Bran didn’t have a second of screen time this episode, but in case you guys hadn’t heard, there’s a very intriguing rumor spreading around that Bran Stark may in fact be the Night King. Or, at the very least, share blood with him. I want to hear your thoughts on this! It seems very farfetched, but stranger things have happened in Game of Thrones, and this being the truth would be huge. Here is a link to an article explaining this fan theory from its roots.

Honorable Mentions:

Grey Worm, you go boy! Great to finally see him and Missandei doing as much of the nasty as they can do, they deserve it. Knowing Game of Thrones logic, now that they’re happy and in love we can only assume their shelf life just got considerably shorter, so stay tuned for that.

“Right before I was ready to drink myself into a small coffin” – Tyrion. A great line worth mentioning.

What role will Melisandre play? Never been a fan of her and her influence in burning people alive and shadow ghost shenanigans, so I’m not super stoked about her arrival at Dragonstone. Early prediction, one of Dany’s dragons roasts her later on this season.

Olenna Tyrell has some dangerous opinions. Wouldn’t mind seeing her trip down some stairs and stop putting thoughts in Daenerys’ head.

So those are some of my scattered thoughts/predictions after Episode 2! The Game of Thrones violence and plotting is back, but there are always other things happening in the shadows. Did I miss anything particularly juicy? Let me know and hear your thoughts!