17 Moments Wonder Woman Had Us Saying HELL YASSS!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve at least heard about it, and you’ve noticed from the previews that Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) is other worldly beautiful. But brace yourselves movie-goers, Wonder Woman isn’t here just to dazzle, she’s here kick evil’s butt and save humankind.

Not only beautiful, strong, and independent, Wonder Woman also shows us that she is full of wisdom, love, and honor. To show you how much she rocks, we’ve put together a list of kick-ass moments in the film that will have everyone saying HELL YASSS!

17. That opening scene of the Amazons (played by real-life wrestlers, martial artists, and athletes) training for battle, and little Diana throwing punches in the air on the sidelines.

Wonder Woman One

An amazing start to an amazing film. Not only are these Amazonian women showing off their combat skills, but they’re shooting arrows while hanging off their horses and gliding through the air. Not easy.

16. When the Amazons tie up Steve Trevor in the Lasso of Truth and interrogate him about his dealings.

Wonder Woman 2

He thinks he can smooth talk his way out of this one, but he can’t. The lasso compels you to tell the whole truth.

15. When Diana learns she has super strength.

Diana is up to something sneaky when she’s climbing up the wall to the castle that holds an ultimate weapon inside. She loses her grip and falls, but just before she plummets to her death she claws at the brick, smashing her hands into the castle walls to make handles for herself to climb up. (That one came in handy.)

14. That moment when Steve tries to tell Diana that no man can beat the Germans and Diana replies, “I AM THE MAN WHO CAN.”

Wonder Woman 3


13. “If you see something terrible going on in the world you can either do nothing or something.”

I think we all know which option Wonder Woman picks.

12. “Men are essential to procreation, but not to pleasure,” so concludes Cleo’s 12 Volume Treatises on Body and Pleasure.

Wonder Woman 5

On the boat ride to London, Steve assumes that because Diana grew up on an island with no men that she doesn’t know anything about sex or pleasure. Not true.

11. Diana: “And what does a secretary do?”
Etta Candy: “Well, I go where he asks me to go and I do what he asks me to do.”
Diana: “On Themyscira we call those slaves.”

Damn, girl! Tell it like it is. Especially in this time period (WWI) where women could only work as secretaries or assistants to men, it is important to remember the diminutive nature of this role and of women in general, who were not allowed to speak out or attend meetings of importance.

10. When Diana shames the general for sitting in safety and comfort instead of fighting on the battlefield with his soldiers.

Wonder Woman 6

Early on in the film the Amazons lost their beloved general Antiope (played by our own beloved Robin Wright) in a battle against the Germans who invaded the shores of Themyscira. The film makes a clear comparison here between female courage and male cowardice.

9. When Diana saves Steve from a bullet with her gauntlets AND THEN Steve’s secretary shows up, wielding Diana’s sword to stop a fleeing German goon.

Not only does Diana save Steve’s life, but Steve’s secretary gets in on the action, proving that ordinary women (sans super powers) can step up and kick ass as well.

8. When Diana leads the crew across No Man’s Land, deflecting machine gun bullets and bombs and all.

It’s probably the most action-packed part of the film with lots of special effects and explosions, but it’s also one of the most symbolic. While the soldiers were too afraid to move, Diana was willing to dive in first, ultimately leading them to victory. By the way, this scene almost didn’t make the cut!

7. When Steve tries to get out of his promise to Diana and she confronts him with, “You made a promise, and a promise is unbreakable.”

That’s right, boys. Promises, like women’s hearts, are golden, so don’t mess with them.

6. Diana’s first ice-cream. “This is wonderful! You should be very proud.”

Wonder Woman gif

A scene taken directly from the comic strip! We all know that women like sweets, and this little exchange was very endearing for a film filled with so much emotional punch.

5. For fans of the expression, “flip the table,” Wonder Woman flips a tank, literally.

Wonder Woman Tank

Another fantastic feat with that super handy super strength.

4. When Steve tries to stop her from killing Dr. Ludendorff and she says, “What I do is not up to you.”

In other words, STEP OFF!

3. When Diana hits Ares in the crotch.

Trust me, it happens! But Ares isn’t down for the count just yet.

2. The fact that she does this all in three-inch wedge heels.

Wonder Woman Heels

Yup, and not boots, either! Something like a knee-high gladiator sandal with heels.

1. “It’s not about what you deserve, it’s about what you believe, and I believe in love.”

Proving once again that love trumps hate, and that the sentimentality or romanticism in women that has been cast as weakness, is actually strength, strength that allows Diana to fight the evil in the world and win.


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