6 Most Amazing Despacito Covers on the Internet Right Now

May and June came and left, and I really thought Despacito would go with them. But, it’s July now and even I have to admit that my Despacito obsession just continues to grow like a one-way love affair. It’s all I can think about, and when I hear it in another car or in a restaurant, I can’t help but tune everything else out. Don’t lie to yourself, you’re the same way. And we are all this girl:

So you don’t know the lyrics, either. Ok. It’s ok. Here are 6 of the best instrumental covers on the internet right now.

6. Marcio Yagui on the accordion. Order that up Italian-style.

5. Caitlin De Ville on the electric violin. Yeah. Just let it settle in. 

4. Johnny Jimenez on the harp. You read that correctly. We’re not joking.

3. 2Cellos on…two cellos. These guys kill it every single time.

2. Luiz Graziatto on the sax. Our sax bae. Our Despacito king. Also the sexiest human being alive. Eat your heart out, Warblers. 

1. Despugcito. Nothing else needed.